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"Technology is a great platform for solving problems,  but the real value is in the ideas and what is created with them.
The most revolutionary potential will always be in the humanity"

About me.

Soy Ana, I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

🏃🏻‍♀️ I worked for more than 10 years in global companies in Development and Talent positions, leading talent identification processes, development strategies and organizational design and in 2017 I decided to start my first independent project.

🚀 In the last 4 years I founded 2 projects: Meikit, which is the space where we accompany entrepreneurs in the growth of their teams with recruiting and development initiatives, and Break the Bias, which is a job gender scan that uses language recognition technology. to guide recruiters, community managers and leaders to identify if gender-biased words are included in their job announcements, social media posts or emails to candidates.

👩🏻‍💻 I am curious, I have a love for learning and I like creative challenges. I am also quite a "doer" because I like things to happen.

💪I am interested in projects with an impact focused on the intersection between education, employment, technology and gender. For several years I have been actively collaborating with NGOs that seek to reduce the gender gap in the technological and entrepreneurial fields. Together with the founders we made the start-up of the team that scaled and made Chicas en Tecnologia grow in LATAM


🧲 I think that Technology is a great platform to solve problems, but the real value is in the ideas and what is created with them. That's why I like to say that the right people transform organizations and the right organizations transform people.

🔗 I am a Human Resources graduate with a Postgraduate Degree in Development, I did several seminars and courses on gamification and recreational activities and I trained in programming  Full Stack.

Website meikit:

Break the bias website:

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