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Gamification activity design and prototyping program 

In an increasingly complex, dynamic and unpredictable world, developing a playful mindset builds harmony between what peoplefeel, think and do.

We propose an immersive training experience where you will learn todevise, design and implement gamified solutionsfor your recruiting and development processes


Module 1

Introduction to Gamification


General approaches and methodologies

Elements, goals, rules and systems.

Module 3

Applicability and solutions


Solutions and tools are shared ​digital and analog to apply

Module 2

design methodology


Design thinking process for the real design of gamified activities

Module 4

create and design


I lived the experience of devising activities 

gamified and take an idea to implement

Gamification webinar

Module 1

  • Introduction to Gamification

  • The game as a vehicle

  • Components

  • Elements, goals, rules and systems.

  • Finite and infinite games 

Module 2

  • How do you create a game from scratch?

  • Design and exploration methodology

  • game design thinking

  • Storytelling and scripts

  • Main playful attitudes

Module 3

​Types of designs:

  • open innovation activities

  • Analog and digital mystery capsules​

  • Paradox games and decisions (simulation)

  • Games to build, create and coordinate actions

Module 4

  • define an approach

  • Devise and prototype

  • Idea pitch

Artificial intelligence and gamification

Dates and times: 

Module 1 y 2: three virtual meetings of 2.5 hours each.

Tuesday 3: three virtual meetings of 2.5 hours each.

Module 4: two 2-hour virtual meetings each one

The classes will be recorded so you can watch it whenever you want

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